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Meow what have we here? Whiskers Po


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Ok, so this just came in this morning. Whiskers Po is the name of a relatively new project, inspired by cats. Oh, and the evolving mellow and chill part of trap and deep house. I’m sorry we coulnd’t share this yesterday, but instead of sunday-chill, we bring you a small revolution: monday-kittenz-chill. Prrrrrrrrrrr

As always, remember to support the artist! Apart from the hilarious photo and the awesome music, Whiskers Po have plenty of cool free stuff on facebook, twitter and soundcloud.

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  1. […] this one! And Whiskers Po’s take on Pussy-trap, Kitty-chill or whatever you’d call it (last time, we described it as monday-kittenz-chill), is still as refreshing, as the first time we posted some of his stuff. It’s the natural […]

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