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Roskilde Countdown #8: Linkoban recommends

Roskilde Countdown #8: Linkoban recommends


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Part 8 of our countdown, brings us to a very talented girl, who actually played the festival last year during the warmup, but will return this year as well. She will play at the Cosmopol-stage, friday 21:45. And trust us when we say, Linkoban live is quite special!

Having attendend her performance on last years festival, we can only recommend checking her out, as she adds to the madness in her music, when she’s playing live. All her edge and creativity just get’s more room, as she’s able to express it without any filters, and the result is quite contagious and highly energetic. Her grime-dancehall-hiphop-pop-sound is rather unique and has inspirations from all parts of the musical genre. Just take her latest track, Popgun Track: Inspired by Venga Boys – We Like To Party.

Angel Haze
I only got to see her briefly at SXWS in Texas, so this time I’m not going to miss out. She’s so skilled! And based on the hype, she has a lot to live up to. Among all the female rappers that have popped up in the recent years, I’m with this one. I’m really excited about her.

I used to be really fucking annoyed with Rihanna, but at one point she got to me. I’m still ambivalent, tho’ – guess her show at Roskilde will determine whether I’m pro or con. Most of my girlfriends love her, so we’ll most likely be found up front singing our broken hearts out on all the hits.

Because it’s legendary. I don’t normally listen to Metallica, but I grew up next to a bar with a jukebox, where the regulars loved them. So today, when I come across a song like “Nothing Else Matters”, I get goosebumps. I’m going to Metallica to chase that feeling of past memories and good ol’ metal.

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