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Roskilde Countdown #6: Compadre recommends

Roskilde Countdown #6: Compadre recommends


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For this weeks countdown, we’ve asked our friendly Swedish neighbours Compadre, for what they’re look forward to, besides playing the Apollo-stage at this years #RF13.

Compadre is a very interesting Swedish trio, producing what they describe as Muslim Trap, Middle Eastern Heavy Bass. They’re sound is kinda like MIA on drugs, loads of bass and attitude. We expect MADNESS during their gig! But untill then, here’s what they have to recommend.

It’s almost impossible to name just three acts when it’s so many great bookings but here are the acts we are looking forward to the most at this years Roskilde Festival is:

In our opinion Tuaregs are the coolest people around. It’s not secret that we draw a lot of inspiration from the nomadic people living in the Sahara desert. Bombino is the Tuaregs poster boy and are making wonderful music. Fusing West African rhythms and melodies with a western sound and flawless guitar play. He also might be the best dressed artist at the festival. Do not miss this!

In the present prosperous state of hiphop Angel Haze is the king and queen. Angel Haze is doing everything right. Angel Haze is probably the best rapper there is right now. Angel Haze is the future.

When we produced our “Occult mixtape”, Qawwali music and Sufism was our main influence. The way the songs builds up and progress in all its simplicity with basically just chants, handclap and tablas. It’s hard to understand how they can sit down while playing ’cause what they are doing is pure bangers, Inshallah!
COMPADRE :: Soundcloud :: Facebook

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  1. […] Franskild is a Copenhagen based Swedish duo, consisting of the two remaining members of middle-eastern bass-collective Compadre, probably best remembered for the acclaimed gig at Roskilde Festival 2013 or their role as guestbloggers with us, when we asked them which acts they where looking forward to, previous to their gig at #RF13. […]

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