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Roskilde Countdown #1: Joakim Skovbjerg’s top 3

Roskilde Countdown #1: Joakim Skovbjerg’s top 3


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It should come as no surprise that the fox is looking forward to Roskilde Festival. 200 bands, a week of summer and love. The weeks it lasts for is without comparison the pinnacle of the year.

As we’re very impressed with this years lineup, but have no way of knowing all 200 acts, we’ve asked some of the bands playing at the festival, some of the djs and producers we think are relevant and obviously ourselves as well a pretty simple question: Which 3 concerts do you look forward to the most?

So from this week, and every week up until the festival, we will be able to bring you 3 new excellent tips, on which artists you should consider checking out. Think of it, as our guide to your festival.

First up is one of the most promising young djs in Copenhagen: Joakim Skovbjerg. Besides being a resident at WR∆P @ Rust and The Place in Avoriaz, France, Joakim’s played big events as Distortion and Frost Gun. Despite his young age (20), he’s been dj’ing for 6 years. Having experienced his huge energy and very versatile style, this kid is easily one of our fave djs. So having just finished his jobs in France and a small vacation in Portugal, he sat down and gave us 3 bands to look out for, at this festival.

Tomas Barfod – Till We Die (feat. Nina Kinert)
Tomas Barfod, mainly known for being half of Filur and the drummer of Whomadewho, is also a very good producer on his own. If you haven’t already heard his album Salton Sea, you should definitely check it out. Till We Die is in my opinion one of the best tracks on it.

Eloq – C’Mon
Eloq, another danish producer with a very bright future. Most probably know him as a part of Cheff Records, but he’s actually a pretty interesting trap-producer, when he makes his own music. Last year, he played the Apollo Countdown stage during the warmup days, proving that he belongs on one of the bigger scenes.

Joey Bada$$ – Unorthodox
Roskilde Festival are really good at spotting the new up and coming rappers. Last year, it was A$AP Rocky, who’s become a very big star. I think Joey Bada$$ can follow his footsteps.

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